Wolves of Amarok is a multi-platform and multi-gaming community that prides themselves in uniqueness and individuality. Enhancing the gaming experience by embracing new ideas and striving for continuous improvement.

Our Mission

We at Wolves of Amarok Gaming Community, operate with a high degree of respect and kindness to each individual in our community. We strive to provide an environment for gamers where they can be themselves, learn, grow, and make friends on their favourite games.

Through dedicated teamwork, Wolves of Amarok enhances its members by supporting them through meetings, game nights, and leadership opportunities to maximize personal growth in their game play. 

Hope to see you around!

Community Vision

Wolves of Amarok is a multi-platform and multi-gaming community that prides themselves in friendliness and ensuring the safety of its individuals around the world.

We build strong relationships with our members, non-members, and sponsors to have a sense of uniqueness and exciting atmosphere for potential candidates who wish to join our community.

By providing relevant merchandise, and exciting new opportunities for members to contribute, We remain focused on improving our growth and strengthening our staff operations to better satisfy the WoA audience.


Wolves of Amarok has been successful in its ability to come this far without a fight. We are confident with whatever challenges that lie ahead, we will face fearlessly to overcome them.



Wolves of Amarok is in the process of opening a new merchandise store! 

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The Wolf who wanders alone is Fierce, Fearless and Built for it all!
- Wolf Bitten

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